My answer to this question is 21 years of personal growth and transformation. Has taught me that feeling stressed, burned out, lost, alone, lonely, bereft or searching for a higher meaning and purpose to life happens because within you, you do not know how to love your whole self. In truth, most of us do not know what exists inside our whole self which is calling to be loved.

I pressed my self-destruct button because simply I was living a life in which I could not find my answer to ‘Who am I? In my quest to find my answers to my question I felt lost. Bereft of love I knew I had experienced in my past I questioned myself over and over again. Causing myself pain and suffering because my inner and outer worlds were in conflict. Feeling totally alone in I pressed my own self-destruct. Using food and drink inappropriately I created an environment for a volcano to erupt from within. Creating devastation to my whole well being.

  1.  I felt lost, alone, lonely and bereft inside myself, because i could not find my self-love.
  2. I lost my talents and abilities to love who I am inside my life experiences I did not want to own.
  3. I lost control of my mental processes because I gave my mind permission to destroy me.
  4. I berated my physical self because I could see what I was harming.
  5. I used food and drink inappropriately to squash down my emotions.
  6. I became totally detached from my emotional and spiritual well being.
  7. I was running on empty because love I had created in my past was being destroyed.
  8. I felt ashamed and did not know how to cope or ask for help.
  9. I lost control of myself because I feared loving who I am.
  10. I disconnected from my life and describe ‘I was floating along looking in on a world’.
  11. I simply did not know how to stop myself from destroying who I am.
  12. I was crying for help but unable to express what help I needed, because I did not know what help there was.

If you feel this way then ‘Stop’ is the first level of recovery and ask for help.

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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