Resolution already broken? Dry January on its way? Who needs self-reflection? We all do?

Before you go marching ahead into 2020 have you considered what you achieved in 2019? and how your achievements fit into the bigger picture of your life experiences? Are their life experiences which you wish to build upon to create a new way of loving who you are? The Art of Self-reflection is not something that you learn over night, but a foundation to build a relationship with your self-love. The Art of Self-Reflection is to be able to ask your self-questions, to learn to listen to your answers and find solutions to those answers and to be able to give yourself feedback.  Self-reflection as you have to learn is a way in which you learn to express what your love means to you. To enable you to find a higher meaning and purpose to your life experiences.

Launching one love teachings website and ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’ over the coming months has been a reflection of 21 years of personal transformation. As a transformational coach and healer, I have learned transformation does not just happen. As we venture into the winter months it time for us all to reflect on how we want to grow, develop, manifest and transform in our lives. One tool I have learned to master through the art of self-reflection is writing. Whether you are a writer currently or not, buying a note pad or a journal is a way in which our thoughts become a reality. Whether you share those thoughts or not is not relevant. What is important is that you put pen to paper and learned something new about yourself.

The art of self-reflection is the beginning of learning how to express who you are. Self-reflection is about the art of asking our self-questions, and learning to listen to our answers to be able to express who you are. To enable you to build a picture of how you feel about loving who you are. Our illusion is ‘love just happens’, but love is an energy which ebbs and flows with us all. Sometimes you have more love for yourself than others. Love is as you have to learn is a reflection of ‘Who I am’ and ‘how I seek to be loved’. In a season when love has been flowing freely, whether in a bottle, a plate of food, giving and receiving gifts, love can give us a higher as well as a low. Whether you are kick starting your diet or improving your well being you need love. For love is what motivates us, gives us courage, increases our willpower, helps us to overcome our fears, love reduces our stress, so simply we need more love to feel good.

The first tool of transformational coaching is learning how to create an environment to build a foundation to reflect on your self-love. The art of self-reflection teaches us self-love is nowhere else but inside who you are. This is why the art of self-reflection is key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development. For self-reflection is our guide, support and teacher to be able to go inside our life experiences to realise our potential to learn what love means to you. When you find a meaning to your love then you have a higher purpose to find how to give and receive love in the way in which reflects your highest good. Self- love being the foundation from which ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’ introduces you to 4 models of teaching. Each model built upon 12 step programme of personal growth and development. Founded on bespoke tools and techniques to guide, support and teach you the art of self-reflection and much more.  

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Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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