Searching for Love? Wasting your talents? Need to learn new skills?

Your talents and abilities are key to ‘unlocking your potential for personal growth and development’. Where do your find your talents and abilities? Inside your self-love. Where do I find my self-love? Inside your consciousness. How do I become conscious of my self-love? Through your talents and abilities to learn ‘The Art of Self-Reflection’ published 5th January 2020, ‘The Art of Self-Observance’ published 12th January 2020, ‘The Art of Self-Awareness’ published 19th January 2020, ‘The Art of Self-Acceptance’, published 26th January 2020. The tools and techniques for creating self-love to enable you to love who you are more consciously.

The art of self-love is to reconnect to what is calling to be loved. To what has been lost inside who you in your life experiences you have disconnected from. If you are searching for love, lost, going around in a circle and unable to under stand your patterns of behaviour. Your self-love holds all the answers. How do I begin to find my answers to self-love? By creating an environment to build a relationship with who you are inside your self-love. What you have to learn is when you search outside yourself in the world you live, your searching takes away from your self-love. How you create an environment to go inside our self-wakes us up to realise our outer world is your mirror guiding us you to go inside your self-love.

Transformational coaching is the key to your success. For how you learn to create an environment to go inside your self-love is how you will learn to ‘unlock your potential for personal growth and development’. You are as you will learn over your life experiences the only person who can love who you are in the way you seek to be loved. Our life lessons teach us life is ‘one big lesson’ in learning the meaning to our life. For when you find a higher meaning to your self-love then you accept your self-love has a purpose. Your purpose is always to grow, develop, manifest and transform your self-love.

For our self-love gives is purpose to our life, it gives us a connection which stops us from float along looking into a life we feel disconnected from. Your self-love needs a purpose to serve your highest good, to evolve from within you to share love in your life. When you shut down to your self-love, you feel lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Your love which is within you is waiting for you to reconnect to your talents and abilities to express love.

The art of self-love is to learn how to express love in the way in which reflects to you your highest good. When you see your self giving and receiving love in the way in which enables you to feel love, then this is what you need to build upon to create a foundation to express your self-love. Your self-love is a reflection in which you have to learn to love who you are. Love never leaves us, we leave love behind in our life experiences. Because you are not born with all your talents and abilities to accept them, this is what you have to learn. Self-love does not automatically happen within us. You have to constantly be co creating love from your inner and outer worlds to feel balanced and in harmony

Self-love teaches us in every moment of every day when you become conscious of who you are that you are searching for the tools and techniques which are going to enable you to create love. These tools and techniques supporting you to go inside who you are to reconnect together what you have lost a connection too. To know what you are searching for are the qualities of your self-love which are hidden inside our life experiences you have disconnected from.

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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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