Missing a piece of your jigsaw puzzle? Feeling lost and need some guidance?

You can spend you whole life going around in a circle or cycle of behaviour missing a piece of your jigsaw puzzle. Are you beating yourself up because you cannot find what your have lost a connection to loving and need some guidance? One love teaching holds the key to ‘unlocking your potential for personal growth and development’. Because not only is my teaching based on my true-life experiences it is unique to my life experiences. Guiding, supporting and teaching you how I was taught to love who I am unconditionally. One love teaching is therefore a bespoke toolkit which can be designed and adapted to your individual needs as you develop through your life experiences.

‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit, offers 4 models of teaching all in one place. Each teaching has its own unique programmes for learning. Whether in the comfort of your own home on line coaching or on a workshop. The key to your success being finding within the toolkit the pieces of your jigsaw puzzle you are searching to find. Each Module can be learned separately or as a mix match depending on your life experiences.

Module 1 – ‘The 7 ‘S’ of Recovery’.

Each module is designed to support those who are describing themselves as lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Feeling stressed out, in conflict, you may be using substances inappropriately on the way to having a breakdown or had a breakdown. In a personal crisis unable to find a way out of the dark because you have lost your self-love. Each part of the recovery programme is designed to be interconnected. Which ever word resonates with you is where you start to find your solutions to loving who you are. It may be that you need help to stop your self from abusing who you are. You may need support to solve your problems but need advice and guidance how to do this. Each module within the toolkit supporting documentation to help guide, support and teach people about to take responsibility for their well being.

Module 2 – ‘The 7 Symbols of Love’.

Each symbol designed to take you on a journey of reconnecting to what you have lost inside who you are. Each symbol being the archetype of what is inherent within us all. Each module teaches us how to create an environment to build a relationship with what already exists inside who you are. ‘The Lover’, ‘The Inspire’,’ The Motivator’, ‘The Observer’, ‘The Reflector’, ‘The Believer’, ‘The Creator’. Learning within each 12 step programme how to manifest the energy of these archetypes to grow, develop, manifest and transform love.

Module 3 – ‘The 5 Steps to lightening the load’- Insight-Fusion-Love-Sharing Love- Truth.

Each insight you learn to accept taking you a step closer to your truth. This module introduces us to concepts of both Western and Eastern Healing tools and techniques. Guiding, supporting and teaching you how to bridge the gap between our past and present life experiences. Not only to understand what self-love means to us, but how our soul connections which you may be missing a connection too build a greater understanding of what good means to us.  

Module 4 – ‘The 9 principles of loving unconditionally’

Teach us that there is only one teacher and this teacher lies within us all. The teacher of unconditional love which resides within every cell of our being love. The 9 principles of loving unconditionally reveal to us what is calling to be loved. Once you accept what needs to be loved then you can move closer to who you are. Each module designed to enable you to connect with your truth.

For one to one or group transformational coaching and information on ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit, contact Jackie at oneloveteaching@gmail.com

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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