Is your love playing hide and seek?

As a transformational coach and healer, I have created ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’. Which as published in ‘How do I find the solutions to loving who I am’ 16th February 2020. My toolkit is designed to guide, support and teach you how to find your unconditional love. Unconditional love as you will learn through my teachings is the tool of re connection. For how you create your unconditional love which I teach as self-love-soul-love-god-love. Unconditional Love is the foundations from which you can interconnect together all the aspects of your self which you have disconnected from.

The truth is humanity is always seeking to be loved. You can hide from your life experiences, cover your self up, use food and drink inappropriately to cope with the good, bad and ugly. But love will never stay hidden because you need love to survive. For love is always our true nature and our true nature is always shining a light from within us. You may feel in this moment you are searching but your answer to what you are searching for is always within you.

Love as I have learned even in our darkest time never leaves us. What you have the power to do is to reconnect to your love which you turned of from within your life experiences. For love is always our guide and you have to learn how to follow you light into you love. Building a relationship with who you are happens in your light. What you have to learn is to stop hiding from your light of unconditional love. For unconditional love is what switches us back on to find what you are missing a connection too in your self-love. Self-love is our internal compass which guides us in our consciousness to love.

What are you searching for? Is your self-love which is going to enable you to become conscious of how to love you. What you have to accept is you cannot hide from your love. Your love for the good, bad and ugly is always inside you. What you have to learn to love is how you accept what you love is guiding you to learn to love about who you are. When you love is playing hide and seek its because it is seeking to be loved on a higher and higher level of consciousness. You can spend you whole life running away from your love to you have nowhere else to go. If like myself you found yourself at the darkest place in you mind, broken hearted, out of control and unable to stop your self from harming who you are. Then your light is still there, there is still love inside you. Your love has never left you but you left your love behind. Where? In the life experiences which you have not wanted to accept as part of you. The life experiences which broke your heart, made you question ‘Who am I?’ not being able to recognise who you are. You press your own self-destruct button because you do not want to accept loving who you are. This is what breaks our heart over and over again.

21 years plus of transformation has taught me that loving who you are does not just happen. Whether it is guidance from a friend, in a book, seeing a counsellor, coach, understanding the impact on our well being is paramount to our personal growth and development. Transformational Coaching holds the key to ‘unlocking your potential for personal growth and development’. Why because transformation happens inside our whole self. Whether you are current suffering in your mental health, your health will impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Who am I searching to love? Is our whole self because our life experiences impact on our whole self whether you are conscious of this or not.

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Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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