Is spring cleaning a path to a new horizon?

Dusting our self-down after a cool winter or a hot summer depending on whether you are reading this blog in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. Spring is a time off spreading our wings and seeing new life arise within us and in our outer worlds. It is a time for unleashing within us our path to new awakenings. To awaken to see not only our potential for personal growth and development but our potential of share the qualities of our love.

After hibernating, reflecting, becoming aware off what is calling to be loved within us.  Creating a vision for your actions to manifest. Whether this is through writing, vision board, setting your self-goals and targets to achieve. Your mind is like a plane, it needs a destination to focus on and loving who you are is a number one destination Life as you learn is an adventure, if you have experienced a personal crisis like myself then it is what I describe as an adventure into the unknown. When we have no choice but to spring into action and find a way out of our own cry for help. What you learn is there is a well of information hidden inside you which you never knew existed. Dusting your self-down and picking your self-up is what brings you clarity and understanding to your life experiences.

Yes, we are all seeking the light and love which is brought with spring. But it is our light within us which is always guiding, supporting and teaching us how to love who you are unconditionally. This is what creates a path to new horizons because you have to learn how to harness the energy of your own light. To see inside your self what is calling to be loved.

Spring enlightens us, gives us hope, not only that you can succeed. Spring is a time for change, of giving and receiving love in the way in which is going to reflect your highest good. For in your own light you have to learn to accept loving who you are. When the dark reveals your light then you have nowhere to hide.

When you learn what is within ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’. Not only can you find the solutions to loving who you are. You can find the guidance, support and teachings which are going to enable you to create an environment to build a relationship with your self-love. Self-love being your foundation to make a re connection to your unconditional love. What are you springing into action to find is your unconditional love- self-love-soul-love-god-love. Why unconditional love so important? Because it is what resides within every cell of your being and what holds your light to guide your home.

Unconditional love is what creates a new horizon for in unconditional love you learn what you are searching for. The tools and techniques which you can apply to build a relationship with your life experiences you have disconnected from. To learn to become your own transformational coach and become the healer of your own life path.

For one to one or group transformational coaching and information on ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’. Please contact Jackie at

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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