‘Digging deep and letting go’

Sowing our seeds for personal growth and development happens nowhere else but inside who you are. What are you sowing the seeds for? Is to grow, develop, manifest and transform your relationship with loving who you are. How you transform your love is what enables you to dig deep inside you to ‘let go off’, your life experiences which do not serve your highest good. To do this you need to learn how to love who you are unconditionally. ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’, teaches us you what you are searching for is inside your self-love.

What are you digging deep to find? That in every cell of your being you have the power to switch on your own light of unconditional love. By re connecting to your unconditional love then you can learn how to transform your self-love-soul-love-god-love to build a relationship with loving who you are.

Loving who you are unconditionally is your tool of transformation. For when you learn how to love unconditionally then you can sow the seeds into your own consciousness how unconditional love feels. Learning what stops us from loving who you are is key to transformation. You can call this our conditions, judgements, opinions, fears, expectations you place on being loved. Which in unconsciously or consciously stop you from giving and receiving love in the way you seek to be loved.

What you have to learn to dig deep to let go off are your conditions which do not serve your highest good. To empower yourself through your own light to seek love which reflects to you your highest good. Love is our tool of empowerment because love is a reflection of who you are inside your life experiences. To empower who you are then you have to let go off your self-love which stops you from seeing good or god. For me god equals good, how I give to my self-love is what moves me closer to who I am. For when I feel good about loving who I am then I share love for my highest good. To not only to teach me how to love myself but to teach others how to love themselves. For ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’ teaches us love is always a two-way process. How you reflect love to your self has a direct impact in the world you live

Digging deep to transform our self-love not only benefits us but the rest of humanity. For how you guide, support and teach others to love is what serves good/god. What you have to learn is god-love is always unconditional. As a human being we have to learn this through our own life lessons of the good, bad and ugly. For our love teaches how ‘I cannot be loved or love’. This is our internal barometer which vibrates in every cell of our being. Your love when it does not reflect your highest good if what you are hiding from. This love you try and cover up, fear loving and disconnect your self from. Love which does not enable you to feel good is what weighs you down and stops you from being your true self.

Unconditional love teaches us what already exists within you has the power to transform your life. Transformational coaching encompasses reconnecting to our whole self for a reason. For holistic well being and healing guides us to know unconditional love is within every cell of being. Your light is needed to reveal to your whole what has been lost. This is why is takes time, effort, will power, motivation, using both western and eastern philosophies of healing to shine your light.

For one to one or group transformational coaching. Contact Jackie at oneloveteaching@gmail.com

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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