‘Who am I? is searching to love who I am unconditionally’

Unconditional love is always inside your life experiences. However it is your unconditional love which you lose your insight into. Transformational Coaching guides, supports and teaches you. How to find your tools and techniques to go inside you life experiences to unlock your potential for personal growth and development.

For unconditional love is inside ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. Which is built upon the foundation of ‘The 12 Steps to Conscious Living’. Each step teaching you how to ‘give and receive love’ in the way in which reflects your highest good.

Transformational Coaching being the foundation to ‘create an environment to build a foundation from which you grow, develop, manifest and transform inside your unconditional love.

‘Unconditional love being Self-Love-Soul-love-God-love’

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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