Looking for answers and not sure where to find them?

Ever wondered what you are searching to accept inside who you are? Why you walk around feeling like you are missing a connection to something? Feeling like you have a huge hole on your heart which can never be filled? Weighed down by your own fears you will never be able to fill the void which exists within? Because you have no idea where this void was created in the first place?

Filling the void has not only become my souls’ purpose but it is what has guided, supported and taught me how to be at one or oneness with my whole self. Awakened back in 1998 I found myself bereft of love, lost, alone and lonely. Having pressed my own self-destruct button I had no idea why I had done that. All I new all my life was I was searching, what I was searching for and who I had become in this search not only caused myself conflict it was unstable and had no foundation which reflected who I thought I was in this lifetime.

In my first blogs of 2020 I have been taking you on a journey to create an environment to open up your heart, your thoughts and feelings as to who am I? and who am I searching to love? The question is most of us walk around this earth frightened and confused causing us more self-harm because what needs to be loved is always inside who you are. My higher purpose is to guide, support and teach people how to find what already exists within you, your light of unconditional love which resides within every cell of your being. Going straight to out source of unconditional love is what breaks down our barriers to not only our self-belief, self-judgements about Who am I? It gives us a whole new meaning and purpose for loving who you are.

I have met many wonderful people in my life who have guided and supported me. But they are as I teach in ‘The Mirror of Reflection Toolkit’ our mirrors. The mirror to our inner world which is calling to be loved. For they guide us to not only know what you are searching for. They bring to your consciousness our inherent knowing ‘I cannot be loved or loved in this way’. Our internal barometer which is inherent from birth because it comes with us in our own psychic. When I woke up to accept, I was incarnated and I had been to earth before. It was a light bulb moment because for me it switches in my consciousness to accept, I had a higher meaning and purpose to finding the answers to my life.

For me I never new my life would become a process of enlightening myself to live in my light of unconditional love. The truth is I never new what unconditional love was in my own heart. But once I was guided to see, feel, taste, hear, smell, touch unconditional love then I knew what I was searching for. Where I found unconditional love in myself was my own adventure into my unconscious self, which had always been guiding and supporting me. To become conscious of how my past life experiences were informing my life choices in this life time. For me this was the awakening I needed to increase my will, power, motivation to keep on searching for my truth. The truth of what loving who I am unconditionally meant to me. What you have to learn to accept is your truth is what makes your life count, gives you a higher meaning and purpose for loving who you are and this is what you are searching for. The only way to fill your void of self-acceptance is to keep searching for ‘Truth’

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Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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