‘Self- Love is the home of unconditional love. For unconditional love is found in every cell of your being love’.

Jackie Cole

Transformational Coach and Healer

The key to your recovery is to create an environment to build a foundation for your self-love to grow, develop, manifest and transform your life experiences. Whether you are experiencing a personal crisis or not our wake up call is always to know how, what, when, where, who, why I am accepting love in the way in which I am. ‘I AM’ as you will learn through my teachings is the key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development.

What I teach is that ‘Who am I? is ( inside) who I am. What you are creating an environment to learn is how you go inside your life experiences to find what you have lost a connection to loving. What you have to learn is this does not happen without you reconnecting to you will, power, motivation, inspiration, esteem, respect and much more. When I arrived at breaking point many years ago. I had switched off my consciousness to accepting that I had lost control of my life because i did not want to own this. What you have to remember is that you were always a good person. What was good got lost in your life experiences you could not own as part of you. The experiences you wanted to cover up, hide from, disown, the ones which made you feel bad ugly and so much more.

The trouble is the more you separate from them the more permission you are giving that life experience to destroy what is good. Good gets lost, covered up hidden, inside your own patterns of behaviour which weigh you down. You literally get lost because you cannot see away out of your own suffering. If like me this caused you to beat yourself up, fear loving who you are, disconnect from your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Then you need guidance to know how to start to find the tools and techniques to support your personal growth and development. For you well being is interconnected for when you stop seeing the good in loving who you are you literally get stuck. Or as i describe you find yourself going around in a cycle to wake up over and over again to learn ‘I cannot be loved or love in this way’.

‘The Key to your success being how you learn new tools and techniques to love who I am’.

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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