Why am I talking about healing? Because as a Transformational Coach and Healer, with qualifications in:

  • Holistic Life Coaching,
  • Spiritual Healer and Coaching,
  • Reiki Master,
  • Therapy and Counselling
  • Stress Management Practitioner
  •  HR, Recruitment/Talent Management/ Training and Development Professional.

Not only do I have an in depth of skills, knowledge and life experiences. I built a relationship with myself by learning how to grow, develop, manifest and transform my own personal relationship with who I am. To me this is key because if I do not understand who I am then how can I share my skills, knowledge and behaviour to enable another to love who they are?

I am able to guide, support and teach people how to ‘unlock their potential for personal growth and development’. Based on my life experiences of working with people over the last 30 plus years to inspire, motivate, encourage, facilitate, coach, co-create environments for learning. But also, on having learned how to heal myself from having had a breakdown to living in the light of my unconditional love. By learning over the last 21 years how to build a relationship with who I am using both Western and Eastern tools and techniques. To find my talents and abilities to learn how healing happens through taking an integrated approach to our personal growth, development and well being.

Whether this was guiding, supporting and teaching people how to learn how to understand how to go inside themselves, through asking questions for them to reflect on their skills, knowledge and behaviour when designing their CV, to understand how a breakdown happens, running self-help groups, training and development workshops, coaching one to one or in groups. Everyone I work with is learning how to build a relationship with who you are. You might not know you are learning this at the time. This is why I teach people through ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’, which I have designed and developed over the last 21 years. One tool for growth is ‘The Art of Self-Reflection’ because healing and building a relationship with who you are happens nowhere else but inside your life experiences. The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’ is bespoke and has four modules of learning. Please see oneloveteaching.com website under ‘Coaching Toolkit’.

What you have to learn to let go off is actually the word healing because life is one big lesson in learning the meaning to love. How you grow, develop, manifest and transform inside you in every moment of every day has to be a healing experience. Life has to reflect your highest good and serve you. To enable you to feel good about your self-love. You and I and humanity are waking up to see life is a process of becoming well again. To make or become healthy and whole.

This is why I am passionate and an advocate of ‘Holistic Healing’. Because as you will learn in my articles and blogs. Healing, building a relationship and loving who you are. Happens nowhere else but inside you. This is why I guide, support and teach people you need both Western and Eastern Tools and techniques to find your talents and abilities to love who you are inside your life experiences.

For more information on talks, presentations, toolkit and coaching contact oneloveteachings@gmail.com or visit oneloveteachings.com

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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