‘Loving who you are is the key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development’

Jackie Cole
One Love Teachings

In my article from Sunday 3rd May 2020. I share my thoughts and feelings on the ‘Art of Self- Reflection’ and you have to learn to see into your reflection what your insight is guiding you to accept about loving who you are.

Insight is what makes us a human being because without your insight how would you learn to love who you are? Transformational Coaching is a process of guiding and supporting clients how to ‘create an environment to build a relationship to grow, develop, manifest and transform inside their life experiences their self-love’. To learn:

  • One Love is inside your whole self.
  • One Love is inside you before and after a life experience which stops you from feeling good about loving who you are.
  • One Love moves you closer to who you are and away from who you are.
  • One Love is what you lose insight into and what you cover up in your life experiences you have lost a connection too.

Self-Love as I have learned is the foundation from which one love grows inside your consciousness to accept loving who you are’.

My clients have to learn how you may describe yourself for example not feeling joy. Is because in their self-love they have lost a connection to giving and receiving love to reflect joy. Joy comes from following your insight to learn to love who you are in the way you seek to be loved. For self-reflection is what guides us to accept joy as part of who you are. The part of who you are which is calling to be loved, wants you to experience joy. For joy is inside your heart and love is always a reflection of how you give to yourself love which reflects to you, your highest good.

Transformational Coaching is how you grow, develop, manifest and transform inside your qualities of love. How to give to yourself what already exists. When you get lost or cannot feel love simply you are looking in the wrong people, places, for love. Transformational Coaching is all about you being able to go inside yourself to find a connection to loving who you are. When you find a connection to loving who you are, then you find a higher meaning and purpose to yourself love. Self-love is the foundations from which your joy grows, because you see yourself giving and receiving love in the way in which serves your highest good.

For guidance and support then please contact Jackie Cole at oneloveteachings.com or email at oneloveteachings@gmail.com

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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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