‘Wellbeing is not separate from personal growth and development’

Jackie Cole
One Love Teachings

Are you making wellbeing your 1 priority?

At this time of global awakening into a personal crisis as an employer is your 1 job on your to do list wellbeing? Why am I asking you this question? As a ‘Transformational Coach and Healer’ my role is to guide, support and teach people how to ‘unlock their potential for personal growth and development. This as you will learn starts nowhere else but inside your wellbeing.

Have you asked your employees how they are feeling?

As I have learned over the last 30 plus years of working with people in HR, recruitment, talent management, training and development and in the field of self-help, coaching, counselling, western and eastern healing. Transformation does not happen without you learning how to create an environment to build a foundation to grow, develop, manifest and transform your talents and abilities. Why do you need to transform? Because this is how you evolve to cope with a personal crisis. How do you know whether you can cope? Because this is reflected back to you in your organisational wellbeing. What happens if you are unwell? Then you have to learn how to grow from inside your life experiences which have caused you to breakdown. How you feel in your wellbeing is a barometer for what needs to change. But as I have learned change does not happen overnight.

If you are experiencing a personal crisis in this moment then how you change is paramount to your long-term wellbeing. If you feel unwell, then like a DR you have to go right to the source of what is making you unwell. You cannot leave this to fester what ever the economic climate. Taking practical steps to address your wellbeing. Comes from learning what you have to grow a relationship with. In practical terms, when a human has a breakdown it is because you have unconsciously, consciously or super consciously fallen out of love with loving an aspect of yourself. An organisation is no different because how you operated before a pandemic is going to be different after a personal crisis.

‘Organisational success is a reflection of you employees wellbeing’

Jackie Cole
One Love Teachings

Our pandemic will have changed the view of your employees and how they identify with working. When I share my own life experiences of having a personal crisis or break down. I have learned you do not get out of bed the next day and start loving who you are. Both employees and employers are going to have to learn the art of self-reflection. In my article April 12th 2020 and May 4th 2020, I guide, support and teach you about ‘The Art of Self-Reflection’.

Self-Reflection being the key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development. Why? Because our sense of loss and how you identify with loss is what cause you to feel stressed out, burned out, on the way to having a breakdown and much more. Coping in a pandemic is no different our identity has changed and employees have to learn quickly how to cope with change.

Employees wellbeing, guides, supports and teaches employers how they need employees need strategies to cope with how to accept change. Employee wellbeing is an employers barometer for growth, development, manifestation and transformation of an employees talents and abilities. As an employer you need to be able to translate this pandemic into work place solutions, which your employees are part of and not separate too.

My poignant question is do your employees have the skills, knowledge and behaviour to transform from within a pandemic? To enable your organisation to take on the challenges which have arisen.

  • Are your employees wellbeing on your balance sheet?
  • Are you employees in your business plan?
  • Are you measuring wellbeing in absences, sickness?
  • Do you know what holistic wellbeing means?
  • Is wellbeing into your present and future plans?
  • Do you see wellbeing as part of consumer confidence? Building a brand new employees want to work for?
  • Consume confidence comes knowing employees feel safe and secure.

My next question is if your employees are describing themselves as being stressed out, burned out, on the way to breaking down, feeling lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love?

  • Do you have the resources to offer support? What will be the knock on affect if you do not offer support?
  • Because employee and organisational symptoms of what I call ‘a cry for help’.
  • Stress and loss of work due to stress costing the UK economy millions of pounds.
  • Loss of hours due to sickness being an employers indicator of your employee’s and organisational wellbeing.
  • Can you cope with the knock-on effect of not providing information to your employees with guidance, support and wellbeing at this time to cope with their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing?

Transformational Coaching, guidance and support is one tool to support you putting wellbeing at the centre piece of your organisational success. For more information on transformational coaching and healing. Please contact Jackie at oneloveteachings.com or email oneloveteachings@gmail.com

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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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