‘Your spiritual heart is your mirror of reflection’

Jackie Cole

One Love Teachings

I was struck when watching a TV programme called ‘The Tribe’. When they constructed a replica of a UK house in the middle of the Nambia Dessert to reflect how a British family lived and how a tribe lived. What stuck me the most was when tribe women who had never see themselves in a mirror did not recognise who they were. They thought the person looking at them was someone else. The western women were then struck by how many times in a day you look at yourself in a mirror!

What this taught me was in ‘The Mirror of Reflection’ into ‘Who am I?’ is what breaks down our relationship with ‘Who I am’. You may be describing your self as feeling stressed, lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Why is this happening too you? Because the reflection of your inner and outer worlds are mirroring love which your inner and out worlds are in conflict with and this causes you confusion because you to not know how yo accept your own love. You breakdown inside your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Why? Because you are not born with all the tools and techniques to love who you are in the way you seek to be loved.

My question to you is, are you looking into your mirror in the right way to reflect your highest good?

  • What do you see in your mirror which you would like to learn how to love?
  • Which part of who you are is telling you, you are not worthy of being loved?
  • What would you like to learn to love about you?

When in 2002 I channelled ‘The Mirror of Reflection’ which at the time looked like a mirror with words. I had no idea why I had been given this mirror. How ever I was taken on a journey over the next 18 years to design and develop a bespoke personal growth and development tool which I have called ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit. A toolkit which is designed on 4 modules of learning. Each module is based on 12 step programmes which can be ‘mixed and matched’ to meet your personal growth and development needs.

Module 1- The 7 ‘S’ of Recovery’– Guide, support and teach you how to create an environment to build a foundation for their self-love to grow, develop, manifest and transform inside your life experiences you have disconnected from. What you have to learn is how you recover what you have lost a connection to loving. To do this you have to create an environment to ‘Stop’ inside your life experience to find ‘Solutions’ to you problem, to ‘Solve’ how you, ‘Start’ to love who you are,  to enable you to ‘See’ love, to be able to ‘Share’ love with your whole self, to ‘Store’ you feelings of love to reconnect to what already exists unconditional love.

Module 2 – ‘The 7 Symbols of Love’- What you have to learn is when you recover what you have lost inside your life experiences you have fallen out of love with loving, separated from or disconnected from. Then you need a connection to loving who you are on a higher and higher level of consciouness to love. This happens inside ‘The 7 Symbols of Love’, ‘The Creator’, ‘The Motivator’, ‘The Lover’, ‘The Believer’, ‘The Inspirer’, ‘The Observer’, ‘The Reflector’. How you build a foundation for your self-love to grow from comes in how you start to reconnect to what shattered in your illusion of what you believed love to be. For ‘The 7 Symbols of Love’, teach you how to evolve in your consciouness to how you share love with your whole self.

Module 3 – ‘The 5 Steps to Lightening the Load’- Insight-Fusion-Love-Sharing Love-Truth’- Guide, support and teach you that your consciousness is what is growing into how you lost a connection to loving who you are. Insight is your tool of personal growth and transformation because insight is always within you. What you have to learn is how you broke down inside your insight and in the process shattered you illusion of what you believed love to be. Then you have to learn in that shattered illusion are ‘1,000 pieces of your soul connections which you are to learn to piece back together. How do you piece them back together? By learning how to find your soul-love inside who you are to enable you to connect your self-love to god-love. To learn ‘I AM’ is always ‘One Love’ inside your life expeiences.To enable you to create a fusion of love to interweave into your whole self. To learn how to create love to enable you to share love inside your whole self, inside your life expeiences to find truth. Because you do not know which aspects of who you are fell out of love with loving your whole self, inside your life experiences.

Module 4- ‘The 9 Principles of Loving Unconditionally’– Teach you that inside who you are is only ‘One Love’. Which whether you are unconscious conscious or super conscious of is always guiding, supporting and teaching you how to accept love. What you have to learn is this does not happen with out you being able to see into your own self-love how to love who you are unconditionally. For you have to learn god-love is always unconditional but you lose your insight ‘Into the Eyes of God’. How to see your true self of unconditional love. What you have to learn inside every cell of your being is ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. Which is guiding you as your mirror into your cell of unconditional love. When you learn how to love who you are unconditionally then you have a connection to what already exists. Then you wake up to realise ‘I AM’ is always worthy of being loved because ‘I AM’ is never separate from who I am

For more information on ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. Please contact Jackie Cole at oneloveteachings.com or oneloveteachings@gmail.com

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