Are you ready for a weekend of finding your mojo? Because inside you are your talents and abilities to build a different relationship with your self-love. As a transformational coach my role is guide and support you to find ‘The 7 Symbols of Love’. Inside my bespoke personal growth and development tool called ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit. In Module 1 – ‘The 7 ‘S’ of Recovery’ I teach you how to stop inside your life experiences you have lost a connection to loving to find the solutions to solve your problems of how to start loving who you are. By seeing inside your life experiences how you share love to send different messages to your mental, physical and emotional and spiritual self to love.

In Module 2 – The 7 Symbols of Love’ ,’The Motivator’ is one of those symbols which you are the alchemist of reconnecting too. Over the next week I am going to introduce you to the other 6 symbols. Why is this so important? Because loving who you are does not just happen. Because ‘The Motivator’ shows you to what I call ‘The Hidden Secrets of your Soul’. ‘Which you need to find to reconnect to your mojo and to move you in the direction you are searching to be loved.

To do this what are you searching for?

  • Your talents and abilities to reconnect to your inner world.
  • Where the transformational coach within can learn to build a different relationship with ‘The Hidden Secrets of your soul’.
  • Why is this important? For you to learn how to express your self-love is a different way.

You are the alchemist of your own life when you become your own transformational coach’

Jackie Cole
One Love Teachings

There is no time like the present to put you are the centre of learning to love who you are. For more information on transformational coaching then please visit of email

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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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