Over 21 years ago when I had a breakdown I had no idea what had happen to me or what would transpire into my life for me to become a Transformational Coach and Healer.

The key to my coaching, guidance, support, teaching is my in-depth knowledge of how a breakdown happens. As I have learned this does not happen over night and the outcome to my learning has to been to create a bespoke personal growth and development tool called ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’.

Firstly it is important to say that on the whole no one wants to believe that they can press their own self-destruct button and cause themselves harm. But life as I have learned creates life experiences you are not equipped to cope with. Because in these life experiences you are left feeling lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Not knowing how to cope with your thoughts and feelings about who you are inside these life experiences. You might describe yourself as feeling stresses, anxious, breaking down, or broken hearted. But the truth is that the good, bad and ugly of life experiences happen to us all. What you and I have to learn is that you are not born with all the skills, knowledge and behaviour to cope with the outcome to your experiences and this is what you have to learn how to build a relationship with.

Transformational Coaching starts inside you from the moment your heart breaks or as I describe you lost a connection to loving who you are. Because in your consciousness you start your search to find a higher meaning and purpose to your self-love whether you can own your thoughts or not at this time. My own search my breaking down has taken me on a journey to learn how to take a holistic approach to learning how to build a relationship with loving who I am. This is why my transformational coaching promotes taking a holistic approach to your personal growth, development and wellbeing for a reason.

What is my reason? Because inside you life experiences you have fallen out of love with loving is your masculine, mental, physical, feminine, emotional and spiritual self. Whether you are a man or a woman reading this blog you are a whole person. Conflict, confusion, conditions, expectations, fears, stress, anxiety and much more is created because your whole self does not know how to love who you are inside your life experiences you have fallen out of love with loving.

A breakdown is how your illusion of what you believed love to be shatters into a 1,000 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle because your whole self falls out of love with loving who you are. What you have to learn from the moment you start to have the courage, faith, will and much more to love who you are. This is always in a reflection between your masculine and feminine self and this is what you are learning fall in love with.

You are the transformational coach and healer, guide, support to teach your masculine and feminine self to fall in love. ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’ is bespoke because this is my journey of guiding, supporting, teaching, coaching my masculine and feminine self to fall in love. The toolkit has 4 modules of learning based on 12 step programmes.

The outcome of my learning was to wake up to realise that the two halves of who I am were never separated and are in fact ‘One Love’. Hence this is why I have called my business ‘One Love Teachings’ because there is only ‘One Love’ inside us all and this is what you have to learn.

My teachings of how you coach your masculine and feminine self start by you feeling inspired to love who you are. By learning how you create an environment to go inside your life experiences to enable you to build a relationship with yourself. To grow, develop, manifest and transform your a foundation for your self-love being the building block for ‘One Love’ to grow from.

To love who you are regardless of your past life experiences requires you to feel inspired How you feel inspired whether this is through nature, art, crafts, friendships, lovers, exercise, and much more. For feeling inspired is the key to your success in unlocking your potential for personal growth and development.

Here are a few quotes of inspiration.

  • ‘You are the only person on earth who can love who you are in the way you seek to be loved’
  • ‘Love never leaves you, you leave love behind inside your life experiences you have lost a connection to loving’
  • ‘You don’t get out of bed after you have broken down and start loving who you are’
  • ‘You wake up to start your search again to find your self-love you have lost a connection to loving’
  • What are you searching for? Are the tools and techniques to love who you are’

For more information on transformational coaching, how to cope with personal crisis and guidance and information. Please contact Jackie at oneloveteachings.com or email oneloveteachings.com

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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