‘Self-love is the foundation for one love to grow from’

Jackie Cole
One Love Teachings.com

Self-acceptance is built upon the truth that your self-love never stays the same. As a transformational coach I often remind people the person who you were when you got out of bed, is not the same person who goes to bed. Why? Because during the course of the day whether you are unconscious or conscious or super conscious of your self-love. How you give and receive love is constantly changing and this is called ‘life’.

Your life experiences are impacting on your wellbeing when you have no idea what is happening. As I have learned over the years of growing and developing in my self-love. You have to be constantly feeling inspired to keep searching for the tools and techniques to inspire you to love who you are. In my blog May 13th ‘Are you detoxing you self-love’. You can learn more about what inspires your self-love

In a personal crisis have you ever asked yourself what breaks down? I have developed a bespoke toolkit called ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. To the outcome of learning what I fell out of love with inside my life experiences, which was my masculine and feminine self. Before my life came crashing down around me back in 1998. I had pressed my own self-destruct button, had I known what I was destroying my relationship between my masculine and feminine self? No I had no idea, all I new was wherever I was searching for love was causing me conflict, confusion, and I did not want to accept my life experiences as part of me.

As a transformational coach, I guide others to see how their self-love shattered in their illusion of what you believed love to be. As I have learned to build a relationship once again with what shattered you have to become your own transformational coach. I am an advocate of personal growth, development, and wellbeing. Because accepting you self-love is inside you is the only way to build a relationship from within a personal crisis.

What I lost inside my life experiences was my talents and abilities to love who I am. This is what you are searching for and feel lost, alone, lonely and bereft of. To find your talents and abilities again to love who you are in the way you seek to be loved. You wake up to find the tools and techniques to love who you are unconditionally inside your life experiences you have lost a connection to loving. You need your tools and techniques and my guidance, support and teaching of how you coach your masculine and feminine self to fall is love. Starts by you finding your talents and abilities you lost, feared loving, covered up inside who you are. to create an environment to build a relationship with your self-love.

Have you ever thought why you feared loving who you are and what you have lost a connection too? My list below is only a few pointers of what you might of lost:

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Respect
  • self-worth
  • Belief
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Honesty

The question you may be asking yourself is where did you lose your self-love? The answer to this is inside your life experiences you lost a connection to loving. What I mean by this is you did not have the skills, knowledge and behaviour to cope with your life experiences. If you are like me and you beat yourself up for not being able to cope, ‘Stop’. In Module 1 ‘The 7 ‘S’ of Recovery’, ‘Stop’ is all about creating an environment to learn you are not born with all the tools and techniques to cope with your life experiences. This is why I am an advocate of personal growth, development because learning to unlocking you potential to love who you are is your recipe for success.

For more information on transformational coaching at oneloveteachings.com. Please contact Jackie at oneloveteachings@gmail.com
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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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