Well its Monday morning again we are nearly half way through another year. If you are like me, you may be wondering how that has happened quite so quickly? or you may be thinking. I need to review my goals from January? or I feel lost, alone, unfocused? or I need more direction in my life? I don’t like working from home ? I need a team around me? or I love working from home? or the kids are driving me mad? There are a million and one things you may be thinking and feeling in this moment?

The key to unravelling these questions starts in ‘I AM Positivity’. Positivity filters through in your life by learning how to own and take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. Understanding how your thoughts and feelings are created enables you to build foundation for unlocking your personal growth, development and wellbeing. For example in this challenging time understanding how within your own life work balance needs you need to create time to process your thoughts and feelings about who am I? what am I doing?

To ensure you stay positive when you thoughts and feelings are testing you not only to create time but how you feel about yourself. Why do you need time to do? Is to process how you feel about loving who you are as a reflection of your life experiences. As a transformational coach I guide, support, teach, coach, mentor and facilitate processing change. In order for you to become your own ‘transformational coach’. Please refer to ‘Top 10 Tips for transfromational coaching, April 28th 2020. ‘Positivity’ being one of the outcomes to your transformational coaching which will reflect to you how grow develop, manifest and transform inside your life experiences.

For example, last week I put into practice what I call ‘giving myself permission to take a break from myself’. Why do I need to do this? To feel more positivity in my life. What did giving myself permission to do involve?not thinking about my past or my future, not using my laptop for 4 days and stopping writing and thinking about work. What was my outcome? I read books, walked, sat in nature, meet friends, talked, shopped and feel more ‘positivity’. Having a refreshed insight into who am I? what am I trying to achieve? Feeling invested again in my own future. Is all about giving your self time for self-refection. Please refer to ‘Art of self-reflection’ 3rd May 2020.

Self-reflection as you have to learn is how you see into yourself what positivity means to you. How you grow positivity into your life comes from your own purpose to love who you are. Because in your self-love you start to feel positive thoughts and feelings of what good, joy, peace, happiness and much more mean to you. What I have observed about myself and others is feeling good, positive, joy, etc ebbs and flows with how you are able to cope with your life experiences. This is why I am an advocate of taking a ‘holistic approach’ to your wellbeing. Because your whole self has to learn to love who you are in the way you seek to be loved.

For feeling ‘Positivity’ does not just happen, you have to take time out to feel positive about loving who you are. You have to learn to coach into your life your qualities of love which are going to enable you to build a foundation of positivity. How you become positive life force is all about building on your talent and abilities to be build your skills, knowledge and behaviour into self-reflection, self- awareness, self-observance, self-acceptance of your self-love.

Self-love for example is not something we openly talk about in our work environment. You may talk about wellbeing or personal growth and development but this is all part of your talents and abilities to openly talk about your self-love. For your self-love is what unlocks your potential.

Having a background in human resource management and working with people in the field of personal growth, self-help. I have learned never to underestimate the value of positivity of self-love. Why?

  • Positivity is infectious, it makes you feel good about loving who you are.
  • Positivity boasts your morale.
  • Positivity supports you to set your goals and achieve them.
  • Positivity challenges you to be a better person and strive to achieve change.
  • Positivity promotes wellbeing and cohesive thinking.
  • Positivity overcomes diversity of thinking and gives a common outcome.
  • Positivity fosters and engages reward and success.
  • Positivity reinforces your own personal values and beliefs.
  • Positivity enables you to change how you give and receive love.
  • Positivity attracts a different outcome.

After reading my blog why not set aside sometime to have a talk to yourself about how you feel? Find your self a pen and paper or buy a journal and talk to yourself. My blog heading is ‘heart to heart’. Your heart needs to be able to express to you how your heart feels. Then you have to learn to listen to your heart and process your thoughts and feelings to send yourself different messages of love. What you are your messages of love? Why not write and let me know how you feel about loving who you are. I am always happy to listen and share my knowledge and wisdom. Feeling positivity is always a shared outcome.

Jackie Cole Transfromational Coach and founder of oneloveteachings.com. For more information then please contact me at oneloveteachings@gmail.com

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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