Have you ever thought about what qualifies another person to say they are spiritual?

When I arrived at a crossroads in my life at Easter 2002. I have no comprehension of what having a spiritual aspect of ones life meant to me. In fact I would have described myself as an atheist not needing or searching for a spiritual CV was the furthest from my comprehension. All I new was I was unhappy, questioning who am I? When I could not find the answers then I felt lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Why did I feel bereft of love? Because I could not find the love I was searching for inside my life experiences.

I new I was searching but what I was searching for is what has come into my life over the last 18 years to accept what I was missing a connection to and this is my spiritual self. Why I am an advocate of taking a ‘holistic approach’ to your well being. Is because as I have learned inside you and I is only ‘One Love’. ‘One Love’ which interconnects together our whole self. What breaks down inside you is your mirror of reflection into seeing your whole self as one love. This is what shatters in your illusion of what you believed love to be. Why? does you love shatter because how you have learned to give and receive love inside your life experiences stops you seeing your whole self.

What stop you seeing your whole self is your feelings of being separated inside you. Why are you separated because (a) you do not know your whole self exists and (b) you do not have the tools and techniques to love your whole self. Where do your find your whole self? is inside your masculine, mental, physical self and your feminine, emotional and spiritual self. Why do you breakdown in relationship to your whole self? Is because you do not know where you fell out of love with loving who you are inside your life experience. What is the outcome to this is your masculine and feminine self fall out of love with loving who you are.

I discovered this after spending 4 years in western healing. Examining my patterns of behaviour in my relationship to my masculine self. Behaviour which had caused me to separate from my feminine, emotional and spiritual self when I had no idea what was hidden inside me. I had lost control of my senses because I did not want to own or take responsibility for my masculine self. Losing control of my mind/ego meant I had given my mental self the power to destroy my self-love. When I started pressing my own self-destruct button then I did not have a foundation from which to save myself from metaphorically speaking crashing into the wall. Because I had already covered up inside me what I feared showing my masculine self my feminine, emotional and spiritual self.

My spiritual CV comes from knowing that using food and drink inappropriately is in fact as I have called my book ‘filling the void’ between your masculine and feminine self when you have lost your talents and abilities to love who you are. When you are having a personal crisis this is because simply your masculine and feminine self have lost a connection to loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. This confrontation between your masculine and feminine self is what is guiding, supporting and teaching you how to love. What you have to learn is your tool and techniques to be guided in your insight into how to reconnect the two together.

The outcome to my journey over the next 18 years was to channel down what I have called ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. Bespoke to my own personal growth and development I have created 12 Step Programmes of 144 learning mix and match modules. To guide, support and teach you how to become your own transformational coach. To coach your masculine and feminine self to fall in love with your whole self. For inside your life experience you have lost a connection to loving you have to learn your life lesson. For how you learn what you life lesson is, is how you develop a relationship with your whole self.

The key to transformation and living a life which reflects to you, your highest good. Is how your whole self accepts loving who you are as a reflection of good. What is you Spiritual CV based on? Is how you guide, support and teach yourself to love who you are unconditionally. For the only person who can love who you are in the way you seek to be loved is you. Your self-love is your foundation from which one love grows inside you. For you to see beyond your illusion of what separated you and to know you are one love inside all your life experiences.

For more information on transformational coaching please contact Jackie at oneloveteachings.com or email oneloveteachings@gmail.com

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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