1. Learning the art of self-reflection is always to see the good in loving who you are.
  2. Open your heart to give and receive love in the way in which reflects your highest good.
  3. Make time to enjoy your daily activities.
  4. Stop and give yourself time to appreciate what you have achieved in life.
  5. Actually listen to what you are saying about yourself.
  6. Give your self time to go inside your life experiences which enabled you to fill good and learn how to build on your talents and abilities to do this.
  7. Let go of rewarding yourself and accept who you are.
  8. Stop trying to be someone you are not and be happy with who you are.
  9. Learn to accept your self-love in the way in which reflects your highest good.
  10. Learn you are the only person who can love who you are in the way you seek to be loved.

Transformational Coaching is all about how you see the good in loving who you are

Jackie Cole One Love Teachings

Inside you is ”The Mirror of Reflection’ which you have to learn is guiding, supporting and teaching you how to love. For how you create an environment to build a relationship with you own mirror. Is how you learn to grow develop, manifest and transform your self-love. Love is an expression of how you seek to be loved. There transformation happens in how you learn to love who you are as a reflection of your self-love. How you go inside your self-reflection is the purpose of ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’.

My toolkit is the outcome to my own personal growth and development over the last 21 years. My toolkit is bespoke and guides, supports and teaches you how to coach your masculine, mental, physical, feminine, emotional and spiritual self. To see that you were always ‘One Love’ inside your consciousness until you fell out of love with loving who you are. Your journey begins within my toolkit by learning how to create an environment to build a relationship with loving who you are.

Whether you are describing yourself as being lost, alone, lonely or bereft of love or searching for a higher meaning and purpose to loving who you are. My toolkit guides you through 12 Keys for unlocking your potential for personal growth and development inside 4 modules of learning. Module 1 – The 7 ‘S’ of Recovery and Module 2 – The 7 Symbols of Love guide you how to create an environment to build a relationship with your self-love. In Module 3 – ‘The 5 Steps to Lightening the Load’ take you on a journey to build a relationship with your consciousness. To guide, support and teach you how to find what you are searching to love inside your soul-love. To accept in Module 4 – The 9 Principles of Loving Unconditionally are what you were always searching for. The toolkit is based on 12 steps programme to cement your learning and development. With a 144 mix and match learning programmes to choose from dependant on your personal growth and development needs.

As a transformational guide, support and teach I guide you to learn how to see into your own reflection what is calling to be loved.

For more information on ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’ then please contact Jackie at oneloveteachings@gmail.com or visit oneloveteachings.com

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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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