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In my blog yesterday 4th August 2020 ‘Top 10 Tips for overcoming your fears’. I talked about your fears being inside your self-love and how in ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’ have to become your own tranformational coach. Transformational Coaching being how you transform inside your life experiences you have lost a connection to loving. Which I talk more about my tops tips for learning the benefits of transformational coaching in my blog 28th April 2020. Transformational Coaching is your key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development inside your inner guidance, wisdom and knowledge. To learn how you inner world is guiding you to trust, trust and trust in your fears. For fears are your guide to finding who your true self of unconditional love.

‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’ Module 1 -‘The 7 ‘S’ of Recovery’- ‘Stop’, ‘Solutions’, ‘Solve’, ‘See’, ‘Start’, ‘Share’, ‘Store’ are the foundation of how you create an environment to to build a relationship with loving who you are. Because you have to learn your fears guide you into how you fell out of love with loving who you are. Your life experiences which you are learning inside your fears stop you giving and receiving love in the way in which reflected to you, your highest good. Module 1, guides your how to coach yourself to build a relationship with your fears to recover your self-love. Self-love which you feel lost, felt alone, lonely and bereft of inside who you are. To begin your process of reconnecting to your self-love, to start to learn how to trust in your fears. Your fears which manifested inside you, which reflect to you how you lost control of loving who you are inside your mental, psychical, emotional and spiritual self.

Have you ever sat down and reflected on where you fear of loving who you are is manifesting? Is this inside your mental health? or your emotional, psychical or spiritual well being? Have you thought about what environment you would need to create to ask your self questions? What would those questions look like? What guidance and support would you need to put a foundation in place to ask yourself who am I? inside my life experiences I fear loving?

One symptom of how you display your fear, is are you lost inside your food and drink? Are you berating yourself for not being able to love who you are? Have you ever thought your fears could be a guide to living a different life? Trusting in your fears is a a process which you have to learn to how to build an environment to accept as part of you to be able to learn to grow, develop, manifest and transform your life.

When I talk about a personal crisis, I am talking about what you fear about loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved? As I like to share, you and I are searching to be love and be loved in every moment of every day. Love is in your DNA and what guides, supports and teaches you to overcome your fear of your own self-love. My question is why do your fear your own self-love?

One of the first solutions of learning to become your own transformational coach in a personal crisis is. How you create an environment of to grow your self-acceptance of how you fear loving who you are. As you have to learn Self-acceptance is all about being able to see into your self-reflection what needs to be loved. Your fears are calling to be loved and you have to learn to overcome your own fears of loving who you are. I explore this more in my blog 29th March 2020 ‘Filling the Void’ inside who you are only happens in your self-acceptance. What are you ‘Filling the Void’ with? Is your self-love which enables you to ‘thank-let go of- love’ your fears.

When I first arrived at my journey of having had a break down. I had manifested within myself a fear of loving who I am as a reflection of my life choices. Choices which did not reflect to me my highest good. What I had to learn in all my life experiences from the moment my heart broke into two. Was I had to learn to trust in my own insight into my self-love. Whether I was conscious or not to enable me to to piece back together my life experiences.I needed to trust in those experiences I had fallen out of love with loving to move my life forward. I had find my self-love again to trust for me, initially in physical self to support me to find a higher meaning and purpose to loving who I am. By reconnecting to my physical self I could build a foundation loving who I am inside my fears.

Our fear of not being worthy of being loved is what drives you to self-destruct and what you need to become conscious of. For me to build a foundation for my self-love to grow came from reconnecting to nature, walking, eating healthy, detoxing, travel. Why? Because these activities had always been part of my life before I broke down. What I remembered made me feel good about loving who I am. To over come fear you have to remember what enables you to feel good about loving who you are. Fear is the foundation of self-destruct, because how you self-destruct. Is a reflection of you fearing loving inside who you are life experiences which stop you from seeing what already exists within you. Please have a read of my blog- Self-destructing is a mission 27th May 2020. Because you have to learn that what you break down inside in your relationship with in your life experiences is what you have to learn to reconnect too.

This is why I am a advocate of taking a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Because you have to learn your heart breaks down inside your fears of you loving masculine, mental, physical, feminine, emotional and spiritual self. What you do not know is this is happening, to you have broken your heart. For you wake up to learn to accept what you fell out of love with loving. What you fell out of love with loving is what you have to learn to recover.

For more information on Transformational Coaching and ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. Please contact Jackie at or email

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