Dear Friends

In my blog on Sunday 3rd January 2021, ‘Lightening the Load’. My theme for this year is all about guiding, supporting and teaching you that the home of unconditional love is always inside your self-love.

Self-Love is where you have to constantly be co -creating with to build your self-reflection, self-awareness, self-observance, self-acceptance, of loving who I am. For your self-love needs you be to be creative in your self-acceptance of who am I? inside who I am? Because how you love who you are holds the key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development.

My 💖💗’TOP 10 TIPS FOR CREATIVITY💗💖 is all about inspiring you to be passionate about seeking to be loved in different ways. Why? Because love as you learn is what lightens the load, which enables you to see inside your own insight in a different way. Why do you need to see love differently? To be able to give and receive love in the way in which reflects your highest good. Where do you see your highest good? Nowhere else but inside your life experiences you lost a connection to loving. Why do you need to be creative? To see love in a different light of being conscious. What are your enlightening? Is your own consciousness to love who you are in the way you seek to be loved. How do you do this? By being creative about how you see love.

  1. Creativity is all about seeing inside your own insight.
  2. Creativity is learning to accept what is inside your own insight.
  3. Creativity is learning to develop a relationship with what is inside your insight to learn to love who you are.
  4. Creativity is learning to transform love which you have lost a connection to loving.
  5. Creativity is learning your self-love is always the home of your unconditional love.
  6. Creativity is what inspires you to love on a higher and higher level of consciouness to love.
  7. Creativity is your tool of transformation for your self-love to make a connection between your past and present life experiences.
  8. Creativity is what expands your own vision to love who you are.
  9. Creativity is what enables you to become passionate about how you seek to be loved.
  10. Creativity is what inspires you to loved and be loved in the way which enables you to grow, develop, manifest and transform inside your self-love.

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Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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