Dear Friends,

Your true nature is always to question ‘Who am I?’ Because inside you, you have an inherent knowing I am searching for a higher meaning and purpose to ones life. The answer to the question ‘who am I’ as I have learned can only be answered inside ‘Who I am’. This premise as I have learned is what I call your ‘self-reflection’. For how you go inside your self-reflection is where you find your talents and abilities to accept loving who you are.

I have been questioning who am I? since I was a child. A question which took me as I like to describe on a guided mystery tour into my unknown self. Where did I find my unknown self? Nowhere else but inside who I am. My life experiences which I lost a connection to loving or had no idea existed inside my own consciouness. Questioning who am I? lead me to break down for a reason, to find what always existed within me, my unconditional love. For me sharing my knowledge and wisdom is all about breaking down others perceptions of what they are missing a connection to loving inside who they are. For what you are questioning inside who I am? Is where do I find my unconditional love to love who I am in the way I seek to be loved. How do you know this? Because you know the love you are receiving is not enabling you to feel good about loving who you are.

What are you searching to find in your own self-reflection is to be able to love who you are in the way you seek to be loved. There is no one way to be loved, because love evolves with you over your life times inside your own consciouness. When you are questioning who am I? Then you are questioning how you are being loved? Because how you are giving and receiving love creates the good, bad and ugly of your life experiences. For how you experience love is what moves you closer too or away from your true self of unconditional love. What you are not conscious of is how you give and receive love enables you to feel? Why? Because you literally shut down to being loved. Your stop yourself from feeling love because you are questioning who am I? inside my life experiences to be loved in this way?

This is why the seeker of truth is always inside you in your question who am I? Because only in your self-reflection can you see who I am. In my blog ‘Tapping into your self-acceptance’ on 22ns November I explain why accepting ‘Who am I?’ inside ‘Who I am’? helps you move forward in life. Your self-acceptance is key to accepting what is already inside your own consciouness. ‘I AM’ already exists in your own insight because you are being guided to a higher and higher level of consciousness to accept loving who you are.

To question who am I? Is to know ‘Who am I?’ inside all my life experiences. This is what moves you closer and closer to your life experiences you need to learn to accept as part of you. This is where you find who am I? To learn to give and receive love in the way in which reflects you highest good. This is what transformational coaching is and where you journey of recovery begins.

Who am I? is recovering who I am. For more information on transformational coaching, please contact or email or call Jackie Cole on 07974964054.

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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