Dear Friends.

Are you questioning why your life does not change? How do you change? Why change is so important to unlocking out potential for personal growth and development? In my blogs off January 2021, I have been writing articles all about unconditional love. In Tuesday 26th Blog ‘Top 10 Tips for Loving unconditionally’, I am guiding, supporting and teaching you why unconditional love is your soul’s purpose.

You wake-up to start searching for your ‘inherent knowing’, ‘I am missing a connection to something’. Your unconditional love, which is guiding, supporting and teaching you how to love.

Jackie Cole – One Love Teachings

What you have to learn to accept is that your unconditional love is inside every cell of your being love. Love never leaves you but you leave love behind in your life experiences you lost a connection to loving. This is where your life changes because you have to learn how you seek to be loved has to change. How do you change how you seek to be loved? By learning inside your own consciouness lies all the answers to loving who you are. Because once you learn how to reconnect to your unconditional love. Then you know your unconditional love has always been serving your highest good. What you covered up, forgot, hide from was always inherent within you.

How does change happen? Inside your self-acceptance of ‘Who am I? is searching to love ‘Who I am?’ unconditionally. What has to change for this to happen? Is how you create an environment inside your own consciouness. For the purpose of learning to express your self-love-soul-love-god-love. Why is this the key to your success? Because change happens inside your relationship with your unconditional love. Your self-acceptance happens between your self and god when you learn your soul has a purpose to find your unconditional love.

For your unconditional love has never left you. What you have lost is your insight into accepting what you insight is guiding you to accept about your life experiences. How do you change? By changing how you see into your insight what is calling to be loved. Then you have to find your solutions to loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. By learning new tools and techniques to accept you own unconditional love. To enable you to make a connection between who am I? in my past and who am I? in the present. How change happens? Is by accepting your past and present need a higher meaning and purpose to loving who you are.

How does change happen? By learning in your self-acceptance that all your life experiences for the good, bad and ugly have to higher meaning and purpose to teaching you how to love unconditionally. Unconditional love as you have to learn is the only place where change happens and this is your life lesson to learn.

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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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