Dear Friends,

All answers to life are within our own life experiences. The question is how do I find what I am searching for to know ‘Truth’. The ‘Truth’ of how I love who am I? as a reflection of ‘Who I am?’. Because what you have to learn is your self-love is what you lost inside your life experiences.

This is why as I have learned through my own life experiences you and I are all seekers of ‘Truth’. Because what you are searching for is always inside who I am. What you have to wake up to find is who am I? is always inside who I am? your self-love. The seeker of truth is searching to find your self-love you lost inside your life experiences you disconnected from.

Therefore my 💖TOP 10 TIPS FOR SEEKING TRUTH 💖 are found nowhere else but inside loving who you are:

  1. All life is about searching for truth inside your life experiences you have disconnected from.
  2. All of humanity are seekers of truth.
  3. What are your seeking in truth to find? How to love who you are unconditionally as a reflection of your self-love.
  4. Seeking truth is a gift which you have to learn to see is inside who you are.
  5. Seeking truth is a reflection of your talents and abilities to accept loving who you are.
  6. Seeking truth is a quest to find a higher meaning and purpose to your self-love.
  7. Seeking truth is a reflection of your qualities of love you learn to give to yourself.
  8. Seeking truth is a mission which you have to seek to accept.
  9. Seeking truth is your reason for building a relationship with your self-love.
  10. Seeking truth is your foundation from which one love reconnects to loving who you are.

For me information on ‘Transformational Coaching’ please contact Jackie Cole are or email or call 07974964054.

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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