Dear Friends,

Are you feeling light? Love? Joy? Peace? Happiness? Truth? Acceptance? Awareness? and so much more? Light as I have learned is all about how you feel loved. Love is your light which you have to learn to express. Your whole self is your masculine, mental, physical and your feminine, emotional and spiritual self. One love which is inside you which you have to reconnect too to express light. You whole self has to learn to feel good about loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. For light is created in how you switch on your light of unconditional love to guide, support and teach you how to see the good in loving who you are.

My ๐Ÿ’–9 WAYS TO EXPRESS LIGHT๐Ÿ’– are as follows:

  1. Learn to accept inside you is your unconditional love – self-love-soul-love-god-love.
  2. Learn to accept your self-love is a reflection of god-love which you have to learn to accept.
  3. Learn to reconnect your soul-love to your self-love to accept god-love.
  4. Learn to accept you are on a journey over many incarnations to learn to love who you are unconditionally.
  5. Learn to accept your soul has a purpose to learn how to express your unconditional Love.
  6. Learn to accept your light is a fusion of your past and present coming together as ‘One Love’.
  7. Learn to accept your light is what enables your masculine and feminine self to fall in love.
  8. Learn to accept your light is what guides you in your consciouness to love.
  9. Learn to accept your light is what supports you to accept seeking love in the way in which reflects your highest good.

For more information on ‘Transformational Coaching’ and ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. Then please visit or email Jackie at or call 07974964054.

Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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