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My journey is after breaking my heart in two, back in 1998. I spent the next 4 years learning and studying everything to do with western healing. Whether this was in therapy, reading books, attending courses on personal growth and development, addictions and much more. Why? Because this enabled me learn inside my masculine, mental and physical self, what I had fallen out of love with. Enabling me to learn how to build a different relationship with these aspects of myself to move forward in my life.

What was I searching for? Were the tools and techniques which going to enable me to love who I am unconditionally. For me this is a reflection of my own soul’s purpose to guide, support and teach other people. Inside you is one love, which needs to give and receive love in different ways to enable you to feel good about loving who you are.

One love guides you to know your whole self is calling to be loved inside your life experiences you lost a connection to loving.

Jackie Cole –

Why is using different tools and techniques so important? Because inside every cell of your being is what is hidden within you ‘unconditional love’. What happens inside you is you awaken to know you are searching for love. How do you know this? Because ‘Who am I?’ is (inside) searching for ‘Who I am’, which is always unconditional love -self-love-soul-love-god-love. Which you need to interconnect together you masculine, mental, physical, feminine, emotional and spiritual self. Why? To see you are one love and you have never been separated from One Love.

Who am I seeking a connection with? is always you unconditional love. What are you searching for are the tools and techniques to enable you to do this. After 4 years in learning western healing I literally woke up again and new I was still searching. How did I know I was searching because I still had a void within me. Because nowhere I searched in my external world filled the void within. I was still feeling lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love when in my external world I had love. However this love did not fill the void of my inherent knowing I was ‘missing a connection to something’. A

At Easter of 2002 I can only describe the energy healing of Reiki found me. I had no idea the impact of energy healing would have on my wellbeing and enabling me to fill my void. The truth is reiki connected me to my inherent knowing I was in fact ‘missing a connection to something’. At this time I had no idea how to describe the energy I was channelling or what I would call this energy. All I knew was it enabled me to feel better about myself and gave me a new purpose for living my life.

I often reflect and ask myself ‘Had I any idea that I was searching for unconditional love?’ No. I had no idea what unconditional love meant to me in my life. All I knew in my inherent knowing was I was ‘missing a connection to something’. What that something was I had no idea, because all I knew at this time was, I had been searching in my life for something. Did I know I had experienced a different quality of love? No. Did I know why I had pressed my own self-destruct button? No. When you break down you are floundering in the dark. Because if you had the meaning to life than you would not be pressing your self-destruct button. This is why being a transformational coach is all about guiding, supporting and teaching you. The answers to what you are missing a connection to loving is always inside who you are.

Your connection to your own truth of what loving who you are unconditionally means to you. Where does this all begin by unravelling what you broke down inside in the first place. This is why it is so important in my teachings to share what you are searching for. Because inside your consciouness you already know how unconditional love enables you to feel. You learn how to feel love in many different ways and how you accept love is your gift. Your gift of seeing the good in loving who you are is what makes the difference to your life. How you live inside your own self-love is what moves you closer to or away from who you are. Self-love is your foundation of growth because truth is always and is nowhere else but inside your self-love. This is what you have to learn the only place you are ever going to find your self is inside your self-love which you are to learn is the foundation from which one love inside you broke down.

What you have to learn to become conscious of is your broke down inside one love because one love has never left you. You left behind one love inside your life experiences you disconnected from. The truth is one love never leaves you and you have to learn to accept one love is always guiding and supporting you to love.

One love is your gift to free yourself from a past which causes you to suffer. Suffering happens in one love and suffering ends in one love. For when you stop seeing who am I? inside who I am. Then you start to breakdown inside your self-love which you want to break free off. This is where a breakdown although when you are having one you are suffering. But your love of self is what enables you to reconnect to what you have lost a connection to loving.

Your self-love has lost a connection to loving who you are in the way in which reflects your highest good. Your highest good is always your driving force inside your life force of unconditional love. Unconditional love being your inherent knowing ‘I cannot be loved or loved in this way’. Your barometer of wellbeing is always how you give and receive love guiding, supporting and teaching you how to love. What are you searching for? Is to love who you are in the way in which reflects to you, your highest good. The more you see the good in loving who you are the more conscious you become of what love means to you. How you apply meaning to your life experiences is how you find a purpose to loving who you are in the way in which reflects your highest good.

What are you searching for? To see the good in loving who you are in the way in which reflects your truth. Truth is your true self learning how to give and receive love in the way in which reflects good.

For more information on ‘Transformational Coaching’ and ‘The Mirror of Reflection Coaching Toolkit’. Then please visit or email Jackie at or call 07974964054.

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