Have you ever considered what you are building your trust in? Whatever you answer this is what you are learning to accept. For me when I talk about trust I am talking about my self-love guiding, supporting and teaching me how to love who I am on a higher and higher level of consciousness to love. Trust is love because you have to trust your heart is guiding you to fall in love with yourself. The aspects of who you are that you have been running away from, covering up, hiding inside yourself, for fear of sharing your true nature.

What are you trusting in? Is your true nature which is inherent within you. For your true nature is always unconditional love. What you have to accept is your unconditional love is what is awakening you to find a higher meaning and purpose to loving who I am. For ‘I AM’ always within you, I have never left you, and you have to learn to trust in my love. For your soul-love knows ‘Who I AM’, but you fear loving me in the way in which enables you to feel good.

This is what you are having to learn about yourself, how to love who I am in the way in which fits for you. What ‘fits of us’ is what enables you to see the good inside your life experiences you lost a connection to loving. How you seek to be loved is what creates your journey. What are you building trust in? Is that all your past and present life experiences have a higher meaning and purpose, for the good, bad and ugly.

Building trust comes from knowing your life experiences are guiding, supporting and teaching you how to love. For love is the essence of all life and you have to learn to know what you love is reflecting to you inside who I am. For all the answers to life are inside your life experiences, when you learn how to build trust in how your insight is guiding you to love who you are unconditionally.


  1. Trust in your own insight is guiding you to a higher meaning and purpose.
  2. Trust in your self-love is moving you closer to your true self of unconditional love.
  3. Trust in your talents and abilities to love who you are unconditionally.
  4. Trust in your inherent qualities that you can build a relationship with your whole self.
  5. Trust you can make a connection between you past and present life experiences.
  6. Trust your inner wisdom and knowledge to make the decisions which reflect your highest good.
  7. Trust the outcome to your life choices are going to bring you closer to loving who you are.
  8. Trust in your true nature to express who I am.
  9. Trust in your soul-love to connect your self-love to god-love.
  10. Trust your unconditional love serves your highest good.

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Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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