Unity is one’s divine self-guiding, supporting and teaching you how to love your whole self. Divinity goes beyond our human incarnation to guide us to see our soul has a purpose. This purpose is always regardless of our past and present life experiences to teach us ‘I AM’ always unconditional love.

Your divinity is within your DNA when you have no idea who you are searching for in the dark of your soul. But your divine self of unconditional love never leaves you. Your unconditional love comes within you as your blue print to awakening to find your own truth. Your truth of how you love who you are unconditionally. For your unconditional love is how you move closer to truth which exists within every cell of your being love. When you first experience yourself giving and receiving love in the way in which reflects your highest good. This is what creates your ‘WOW’ moment, the moment you connect to a message which is coming from inside yourself.

You can call this intuition, insight, inner wisdom, knowing, guidance, inner voice. What you have to learn is your own insight is unfolding before and after your heart breaks in two. When your heart breaks then you have insight becomes your guiding light of unconditional love. Guiding you to find a higher meaning and purpose to your self-love. Self-love which has always been inside you, but you have lost your sense of self inside your life experiences which have made you question ‘Who am I’?

Who am I? Being our universal question encoded into our DNA of unconditional love. For when you ask yourself ‘Who am I’? you are in fact searching for your light of unconditional love. Love which you need to find to enable you to give meaning and purpose to your life experiences. Life experiences you need to learn to love to enable you to see good. To see you own divinity to know ‘I AM’ is always worthy of being loved.

‘I AM’ is your unconditional love and you have to go nowhere else but inside ‘Who I am’ to find your self-love. Self-Love is always the home of unconditional love for your self-love never leaves you. You leave behind your self-love in your life experiences which you do not want to own. For you do not know how to own something when you do not have the talents and abilities to accept love. What you have to learn over your life time is within you, you have a unique set of talents and abilities to guide and support you, to a higher and higher level of consciouness to love.

Love which is inside your DNA and is inherent within you holds you key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development. Your development for seeing inside ‘Who I am’, how I seek to be loved. Love which you need to grow, develop, manifest and transform your life. Life which moves you closer to ‘I AM’ unconditional love than away from unconditional love. For in the moment your heart breaks in two you have to learn ‘I AM’ is always unconditional love. No matter what pain or suffering I see myself experiencing ‘I AM’ knows ‘I AM’ unconditional love. This is what is guiding, supporting and teaching you to love.

Love is a tool of self-acceptance, for how do I accept loving who I am? if I cannot see myself giving and receiving love? The Mirror of Reflection comes from seeing yourself giving and receiving love in the way in which reflects your highest good. Good which is inside you which has to grow inside your consciousness to accept good. Good which you need to move you closer to your truth. Truth awakens you to accept loving who you are in a different light of consciouness.

How you become conscious of who I am is what grows your talents and abilities to accept love. From the moment you incarnate you will be accepting love. Love which moves you closer too and away from your true self of unconditional love in every moment of every day. This is what you are awakening to, you own divinity inside your true self of unconditional love.

The divine within.

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Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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