The truth is there is no love greater than your own love.

The call to God is to learn to see inside your self-love what is calling you to see good.

For when you can see the good inside yourself then you feel at home in giving and receiving love in which reflects your highest good.

For when you cannot see the good in loving who you are then you feel lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Your love which you are searching for inside your life experiences, which enable you to find meaning and purpose to loving oneself.

For without meaning and purpose you feel like you are floating along looking into a life you feel disconnected from. For how you accept your life experiences is what enables you to grow, develop, manifest and transform love.

How do you transform love? From inside your life experiences which you have disconnected from. For how you reconnect to what you have lost a connection to loving is what moves you closer to your self-love. For your self-love is the foundation for your transformation to manifest your self-love.

Self-love is always the core of your self-actualisation for your self-love moves you closer too and away from who you are in every moment of every day. Why? Because not one aspect of who I am? Can be left unloved inside your life experiences you feel disconnected from. How you move closer to who I am is โ€˜The Call to Godโ€™. For God or Good is inside us all, what you have lost in your life experiences is your illusion that you cannot see good. But good is your life force and is your constant companion. Even in your darkest most intimate moments of self-doubt, self-belief, self-love is always within you.

Good/ God is your guiding light of unconditional love. For unconditional love is what moves you closer to who you are inside your self-acceptance of what loving who I am means to me. Love is your self-awareness to find a meaning and purpose for loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. Love moves you closer to who you are for a reason. What is this reason to learn to know in your self-acceptance โ€˜I AMโ€™ is always unconditional love. For if you cannot love who you are in the way you seek to be loved. Then no one on this earth can love you in the way you seek to be loved. For you love is what attracts to you, your life experiences.

To be able to see inside oneโ€™s life experiences what is calling to be loved is your gift. For the gift of loving unconditionally is a connection to your truth. The truth which is seeking to be found inside your life experiences you have lost a connection to loving. Only inside your truth do I awaken to find who am I? Is inside โ€˜Who I amโ€™. What you have to accept in every moment of every day is โ€˜Who am I? is searching for โ€˜Who I amโ€™. This never leaves you because over your lifetimes you are awakening to find your true self of unconditional love in every moment of every day.

Awakening to find your truth of loving who you are unconditionally is your greatest gift. For your unconditional love is what touches your heart and guides and supports you to love who I am in the way I seek to be loved. How you care about loving who you are is a gift of your own heart.

What are you learning to accept is what already exists inside your own heart? Your heart is what moves you closer to your self-acceptance of knowing โ€˜I AMโ€™ is always worthy of being loved. Your self-worth lies inside your own heart. For the centre piece of loving who am I? is inside โ€˜Who I amโ€™, your heart. For your heart is the only place which can heal your own life experiences.

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Posted by:Jackie Cole - One Love Teachings

Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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