You may be describing yourself as lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Searching for a higher meaning and purpose to loving who you are. This is what makes us question ‘Who am I’? Because you cannot find a meaning why you would have experienced being loved in a way in which did not enable you to feel good. For when you stop seeing good then you are disconnecting from the foundation of all life, your unconditional love. Your unconditional love is lost inside truth, and when you cover up, hide from truth. Then you cannot see the good in loving who you are inside your self-reflection. For the truth is hidden inside ‘The Mirror of Reflection’, your self-reflection which you have to learn to love.

The Mirror of Reflection is what breaks down inside who you are. For your self-reflection does not mirror to you what you want to accept needs to be loved. You are covering up your truth in the stories which have created your patterns of behaviour. Your truth is hidden inside your life experiences you lost a connection to loving. For you have lost your own insight into how you give and receive love in the way in which reflects your highest good.

This means as in Part 3- Personal growth and development is all about transformation. Your transformation of your relationship with self to harness your life force of unconditional love. Unconditional love is your life forces which interconnects together your whole self. For your whole self is calling to be loved and needs a connection to loving who you are. Your interconnection is to see the good in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self, seeing the good in loving who you are. Your self-love is the foundation from which you reconnect to what you have lost, your unconditional love. For your unconditional love is your tool of personal growth and transformation which happens inside of you.

Transformation happens when your whole self-accepts I am ‘One Love’. For my whole self has broken down to build a new way of loving who I am. Love which moves you closer to oneself is what you need to connect is going to harness the wisdom of your soul. Your soul-love is what connects your self-love to God-Love. For your unconditional love is self-love-soul-love-God-Love interwoven into your whole self. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, connected by your unconditional love. For how you sense love is what makes you feel love inside the parts of you, you have lost a connection to loving.

For your self-love is your foundation from which a higher and higher level of consciouness can grow inside you. Inside this consciouness your have to learn to expand your self-awareness of what love means to you. For your self-awareness is what moves you closer to and away from truth, to you accept loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. How you cut your cord from your past which stops you loving who you are is with your unconditional love. In Part 2 The Pain of not feeling loved. What is created within you is a void? The void which can only ever be filled with your unconditional love. When you learn to accept loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. Love never leaves you; you leave love behind in your life experiences which stop you seeing the good in loving who you are.

Love is always present but you stop being present inside your self-love. Love which you need to feed yourself is broken down because you cannot accept your self-love. Self-Love which you need to feel good inside you, you need to learn to give to yourself unconditionally. You have to stop placing conditions on being loved and accept ‘I AM’ is already love.

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Transformational Coach | Teacher of Oneness | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Satsang

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