One Love Teachings offers bespoke personal growth and development programmes for individuals or groups. The course programmes, workshops, talks, presentations and materials are specifically designed to guide, support and teach you. ‘How to create an environment to build a relationship with who you are by taking a ‘holistic approach’ to your wellbeing. 

Each programme building on your skills, knowledge and behaviour to become your own ‘Transformational Coach’. To support you to grow, develop, manifest and transform inside you the qualities of your love which will enable you to unlock your potential for personal growth and wellbeing. 

To not only cope with the outcome to your past life experiences, you have fallen out of love with loving. To guide, support and teach you how to find a higher meaning and purpose to your life.

‘To understand our life experiences of our past do not change‘. ‘What changes is how you love yourself in relationship to them’

To support you to find the solutions to long term personal growth and development. By introducing new ideas, concepts and tools and techniques to build a relationship with loving who you are.

‘Personal growth and development, is a reflection of your unique qualities. To know where you start to grow, develop, manifest and transform from, is where you are right now, inside your life experience’

  • One to one or group transformational coaching and healing.
  • 12 step personal growth and development programmes.
  • Workshops, talks and presentations on personal growth development and wellbeing.

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