Faith is a gift which resonates inside your consciouness to love who you are unconditionally. How do you know this? Because when you do not love who you are in the way in which enables you to feel good. Then you feel lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Love which you need to move you closer too and away from who you are in every moment of every day. Love which you need to be able to see inside your own mirror of reflection what is calling to be loved.

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Enlightenment is the outcome to one’s journey over many incarnations. When you awaken to find your true self of unconditional love. Love which you have to learn is inside your DNA from the moment you incarnate. Unconditional love which has been with you on every incarnation of your life journeys. Unconditional love is the core of who you are because unconditional love guides you to know you are not separate from God.

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Dear Friends

There are many theories of how you change you life. But my truth is that it takes your will, power, motivation, self-acceptance, courage, passion and much more . To not only find the tools and techniques to love who you are. It requires you to harness your talents and abilities to be consciously growing your consciousness. Because with out your consciousness to love, then you will be constantly finding yourself stuck in your own patterns of behaviour.

Your patterns of behaviour are your constant guide and support which are awakening you to find how you are searching to be loved. Your consciousness is your guide, support and teacher into how you seek to be loved for a reason. Because when you fall out of love with loving who you are. Your whole self has to find a higher meaning and purpose to being loved in a different way.

How you life unfolds whether you are living in your light of consciousness or not in a pattern of behaviour. These patterns come with you from one life time to the next to you find how to stop falling into your own patterns of behaviour which stop you loving who you are. Week 12 – Recipes for Holistic Fitness, is to stop and ask yourself. Who am I? inside my life experience I am living into in this moment? What am I saying about myself? Am I reflecting to myself that I am worthy of being loved? For the next 7 days take one life experience and see if you can link that experience to a pattern of behaviour you may be falling into?

With all that you have learnt about yourself over the last 12 weeks. Thinks about how you can apply my tips below to create a different pattern of behaviour. Monitor how you feel and how you can manifest more love into your life.

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Back in 2002 I arrived at a crossroads in my life, after spending 4 years in learning western healing. Feeling stuck and unable to answer my question who am I? I never imagined I would be guided to use what I call ‘Eastern tools and techniques of healing’. I had no idea what the benefits would be to me in my life when my friend talked to be about ‘Reiki’. But I always say that ‘Reiki saved my life’. Because I found in Reiki an energy I had been searching for all my life. I had always had an inherent knowing I was missing a connection to something. What that something was I had no idea. I describe it as having experienced a love which I could not find in the life I was living.

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How often do you stop and ask yourself a question? Whether that question is how do I feel about loving who I am? or how do I feel about accepting another love? Do you really give a lot of thought to how you feel about your own happiness? Happiness is our feel good factor and happiness originates from how you give and receive love in the way in which reflects to you, your highest good. Seeing the good in loving who you are is what enables you to grow a relationship with your self-love. What stop you from seeing your self-love, is what you have to transform your relationship with. Why? Because when happiness is a state of being at one with loving your whole self. Inside you is a masculine, mental, physical, feminine emotional and spiritual self. When you stop seeing your whole self, then this means an aspect of who you are is lost. You feel lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Because you unconsciously, consciously or super consciously stop giving and receiving love inside your whole self. You lose what I call your ‘insight’ into your self-love and this affects your wellbeing. How you create an environment to build a relationship with your whole self is your key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development.

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Have you ever thought about what qualifies another person to say they are spiritual?When I arrived at a crossroads in my life at Easter 2002. I have no comprehension of what having a spiritual aspect of ones life meant to me. In fact I would have described myself as an atheist needing or searching for a spiritual CV was the furthest from my comprehension. All I new was I was unhappy, questioning who am I? When I could not find the answers then I felt lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. Why did I feel bereft of love? Because I could not find the love I was searching for inside my life experiences.

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Be conscious of how you give and receive love in every moment of every day.
Be conscious of how you give meaning and purpose to how you seek to be loved.
Be conscious of how you accept love between your inner and outer world life experiences.
Be conscious of how you learn to reconnect your jewels and gems of inner knowledge and wisdom to your life experiences.
Be conscious of how you express love through your talents and abilities to love who you are.
Be conscious of how you share love to reflect your highest good and therefore the good of others.

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Are searching for love?

After I metaphorically speaking ‘Hit the wall at a hundred miles an hour’. I was not only running on empty because I had destroyed all my self-love. I had literally beaten my physical self up through my use of food and drink. Bloated, bereft and lost, I could only turn to what I new worked for me in my past. Finding a process to start to build a relationship with my physical self started by eating healthy, exercise, and starting to master my addictions.

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