Dear Friends

There are many theories of how you change you life. But my truth is that it takes your will, power, motivation, self-acceptance, courage, passion and much more . To not only find the tools and techniques to love who you are. It requires you to harness your talents and abilities to be consciously growing your consciousness. Because with out your consciousness to love, then you will be constantly finding yourself stuck in your own patterns of behaviour.

Your patterns of behaviour are your constant guide and support which are awakening you to find how you are searching to be loved. Your consciousness is your guide, support and teacher into how you seek to be loved for a reason. Because when you fall out of love with loving who you are. Your whole self has to find a higher meaning and purpose to being loved in a different way.

How you life unfolds whether you are living in your light of consciousness or not in a pattern of behaviour. These patterns come with you from one life time to the next to you find how to stop falling into your own patterns of behaviour which stop you loving who you are. Week 12 – Recipes for Holistic Fitness, is to stop and ask yourself. Who am I? inside my life experience I am living into in this moment? What am I saying about myself? Am I reflecting to myself that I am worthy of being loved? For the next 7 days take one life experience and see if you can link that experience to a pattern of behaviour you may be falling into?

With all that you have learnt about yourself over the last 12 weeks. Thinks about how you can apply my tips below to create a different pattern of behaviour. Monitor how you feel and how you can manifest more love into your life.

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Make wellbeing, 1 on your ‘To Do list?

Are you making wellbeing your 1 priority?
At this time of global awakening into a personal crisis as an employer is your 1 job on your to do list wellbeing? Why am I asking you this question? As a ‘Transformational Coach and Healer’ my role is to guide, support and teach people how to ‘unlock their potential for personal growth and development. This as you will learn starts nowhere else but inside your wellbeing.

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