Dear Friends

There are many theories of how you change you life. But my truth is that it takes your will, power, motivation, self-acceptance, courage, passion and much more . To not only find the tools and techniques to love who you are. It requires you to harness your talents and abilities to be consciously growing your consciousness. Because with out your consciousness to love, then you will be constantly finding yourself stuck in your own patterns of behaviour.

Your patterns of behaviour are your constant guide and support which are awakening you to find how you are searching to be loved. Your consciousness is your guide, support and teacher into how you seek to be loved for a reason. Because when you fall out of love with loving who you are. Your whole self has to find a higher meaning and purpose to being loved in a different way.

How you life unfolds whether you are living in your light of consciousness or not in a pattern of behaviour. These patterns come with you from one life time to the next to you find how to stop falling into your own patterns of behaviour which stop you loving who you are. Week 12 – Recipes for Holistic Fitness, is to stop and ask yourself. Who am I? inside my life experience I am living into in this moment? What am I saying about myself? Am I reflecting to myself that I am worthy of being loved? For the next 7 days take one life experience and see if you can link that experience to a pattern of behaviour you may be falling into?

With all that you have learnt about yourself over the last 12 weeks. Thinks about how you can apply my tips below to create a different pattern of behaviour. Monitor how you feel and how you can manifest more love into your life.

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Back in 2002 I arrived at a crossroads in my life, after spending 4 years in learning western healing. Feeling stuck and unable to answer my question who am I? I never imagined I would be guided to use what I call ‘Eastern tools and techniques of healing’. I had no idea what the benefits would be to me in my life when my friend talked to be about ‘Reiki’. But I always say that ‘Reiki saved my life’. Because I found in Reiki an energy I had been searching for all my life. I had always had an inherent knowing I was missing a connection to something. What that something was I had no idea. I describe it as having experienced a love which I could not find in the life I was living.

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When I first read the words of the famous philosophiser Voltaire ‘Marriage is the friendship of your soul’. I instantly became curious as to want these words meant to me in my own life journey. What and whom are you marrying inside you? These words became a reflection into my own healing process. A process which had guided ans supported me to take a holistic approach to my wellbeing, By taking this approach I had started to discover within my through learning how to use both western and eastern philosophies of healing. I had a masculine, mental, physical, feminine, emotional and spiritual a self. What could be describe as the two halves of our whole self. As I learned was what I was becoming my own transformational coach to guide, support and teach how to fall in love. For as I learned ‘The Marriage of your Soul’ happens nowhere else but inside who you are. What you have to learn to accept is your life experiences are all part of teaching you to love your whole self as ‘One Love’. To enable you to see beyond your life experiences which stop you loving who you are. To see inside them what is calling to be loved.

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Are you looking in your mirror?

I was struck when watching a TV programme called ‘The Tribe’. When they constructed a replica of a UK house in the middle of the Nambia Dessert to reflect how a British family lived and how a tribe lived. What stuck me the most was when tribe women who had never see themselves in a mirror did not recognise who they were. They thought the person looking at them was someone else. The western women were then struck by how many times in a day you look at yourself. For me when it struck a cord to what breaks down inside you when you stop being able to love who you are. For me over the years of learning to create an environment to build a relationship with who I am. The Mirror has become the centre piece to my life. In 2002 I was at a cross roads in my life and I was questioning once again ‘Who am I?. I felt as lost as I had done 4 years before and after spending 4 years in training in therapy, self-help and other western tools. I was still missing a connection to being able to love me in the way I was seeking to be loved.

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