Waking-up is a gift for you to find a higher meaning and purpose to your life experiences. For inside your life experiences you have fallen out of love with is your purpose to love. For love is a gift which awakens you to find the solutions to loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. In my blog 30th March 2021 Top 10 tips to follow your purpose’. You have to learn to build on your qualities of love you are revealing to yourself. By finding your purpose to love unconditionally.

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How are you feeling? Asking our self questions is as I have learned key to unlocking our potential for personal growth and development. What is the hardest part of asking questions? Is listening to the answers. In my blogs of 2021 I am talking about unconditional love being what you are I are searching to recover from within us. Where you find your unconditional love as I have learned is a mystery. What I discovered was you are searching for ‘The 12 Symbols of Love’ which are hidden inside your unconditional love. Symbols which enable you to reveal to yourself what already exists within your own insight.

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My journey is after breaking my heart in two, back in 1998. I spent the next 4 years learning and studying everything to do with western healing. Whether this was in therapy, reading books, attending courses on personal growth and development, addictions and much more. Why? Because this enabled me learn inside my masculine, mental and physical self, what I had fallen out of love with. Enabling me to learn how to build a different relationship with these aspects of myself to move forward in my life.

What was I searching for? Were the tools and techniques which going to enable me to love who I am unconditionally. For me this is a reflection of my own soul’s purpose to guide, support and teach other people. Inside you is one love, which needs to give and receive love in different ways to enable you to feel good about loving who you are.

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Why is you unconditional love so important? Because your unconditional love enables you to feel good about loving who you are in the way in which reflects good. Good being your life force to see the good inside your self-love over and over again. Love which reflects to you what enables you to feel good inside your life experiences you lost a connection to loving, how you reconnect to what you have a lost a connection to loving. Being your foundation from which one love grows inside your consciouness you lost a connection to loving.

What you are learning to observe inside your unconditional love is where you broke down inside loving who you are. Love which you lost inside your life experiences you lost a connection too. Your purpose is to find how you reconnect together the aspects of who you are which have lost a connection to loving who you are. How you build a connection to what you lost is how you regain a connection to loving who you are. What you are searching for is how you continuously reconnect to what you have lost a connection too.

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‘Filling the Void’ inside who you are only happens in your Self-Acceptance’

Looking for answers and not sure where to find them? Ever wondered what you are searching to accept inside who you are? Why you walk around feeling like you are missing a connection to something? Feeling like you have a huge hole on your heart which can never be filled? Weighed down by your own…

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