emember creativity is a reflection of your talents and abilities to love who you are.
Remember creativity is an expression of love.
Remember creativity is a reflection of how to build a relationship with your masculine, mental, physical, feminine, emotional and spiritual self.
Remember your wellbeing is an expression of your creativity to accept loving who you are inside you life experiences you have lost a connection to loving.
Remember creativity is what harnesses your energy of self-love to move you closer to who you are.
Remember creativity reflects balance between our inner and outer worlds.
Remember creativity guides, supports and teaches you how to love.
Remember creativity is your tool to enable you to let go of your fears and conditions which stop you seeing good.
Remember transfromation happens inside your creativity to give and receive love in the way in which reflects you highest good.
Remember creativity to what enables you yo fall in love with the other half of who you are.

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