Dear Friends

Life as I have learned is one big lesson in learning the meaning to loving who you are unconditionally. For how you learn to love who you are is what transforms your life for the good, bad and ugly of our life experiences. The journey of life as you and I have to learn is learning how to see inside our self what is calling to be loved. For the answers to life can be found nowhere else but inside our life experiences we have fallen out of love with loving.

Loving who I am is the key to your success because who am I? is always inside who I am. Yes, you might fear loving who you are and separate from your past. But your past life experiences hold your key to unlocking your potential for personal growth and development. How you become your own transformational coach being the key to your wellbeing. Transformation happens inside who you are when you start to listen to what is calling to be loved. Love which you have to learn to transform to see inside yourself what is calling to be loved in every moment of every day. For me sharing love is the key to transformation and here are my 9 ways to transform love:

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How often do you stop and ask yourself a question such as ‘Who am I?’ inside ‘Who I am?. Do you ask yourself why you love who you are in they way you seek to be loved? How does questioning yourself make you feel loved? Questions are the tools of self-reflection inside your life experiences which you need to learn how to accept on a higher and higher level of consciousness to loved.

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This weeks blogs are all about learning to trust in your own insight into your fears. Fears of loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved. In my blog August 4th ‘Top 10 Tips for overcoming your fears’. I talk about how your journey in life is to become your own transformational coach. In this role you are learning in every moment of every day, How to create an environment to build a foundation with your love to grow, develop, manifest and transform your self-love. Because you self-love is your foundation to learn to trust in, to enable you to go back inside your fears of loving who you are, to let go of your past which does not serve your highest good.

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