Self-observance is the key to loving who I am. For how you see yourself giving and receiving love is what moves you closer to your truth. The truth of what your self-love means to you. For how you see your self-love is what moves you closer to truth. Truth being the foundation from which your self-love grows. How your self-love grows becomes a reflection of how to learn to see the good in loving who I am.

What is self-observance guiding you to know? How to see what aspect of self, your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self has fallen out of love with loving who I am. It also guides you to know what aspect of self-acceptance is learning to love who you are in the way you seek to be loved. Love is a feeling which you have to reconnect to inside your DNA to change your life path. Your path of self-acceptance to a higher and higher level of consciousness to love.

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Fears are the conditions which we have had placed on us which cause us to feel lost, alone, lonely and bereft of love. What causes us to get lost and feel lonely are what we have to learn to build a relationship with, yes, your fears. Fears which stop you from seeing the good in loving who you are in the way you seek to be loved.

Fears are your judgements, opinions, beliefs, which manifest inside you to create fear. To let go of fear you have to learn how to reconnect how to see the good in loving who you are. When you learn to see and feel love then you can learn to let go off your past which stops you seeing good. Good is always within you, what you lose you connection to is your talents and abilities to see the good in your self-love.

Self-love is your tool of transformation and how you transform inside your self-love is how you grow inside your personal growth and development. Growing as a person does not happen. You are a work of art and you have to see inside yourself how to build a relationship with what you have lost a connection to loving. What breaks down inside you is your sense of self, ‘who am I?’ is the universal law of life. Who am I? is what drives your inherent knowing ‘I AM’ is searching for a higher meaning and purpose to ‘Loving who I am’.

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My absence in writing has been reflection of how to create a positive mind set after the loss of my beloved mother earlier in the year. Bereavement affects all of us in different ways on an mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Regardless of our age, the impact of loss, makes us question ‘Who am I?’ Because our whole identity changes because who we identified with is part of our life in our hearts but not here in our physical world.

For me this has taken time to process and taking time out to build a relationship with our self as a reflection of loss is key. For how you build a relationship with enables you to support your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self to build a new relationship with each other. This supports you to cope with the changes you have experienced in your life. For us all in our time of loss with need to create an environment to support our personal growth and development to cope with loss.

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