Reiki Distance Healing

Jackie Cole
One Love Teachings

 I reached out to Jackie recently to ask for a distance reiki session to help with some stress and anxiety I’ve been experiencing lately due to many personal circumstances coming together all at once.

Jackie messaged me at the agreed start time and I decided to drawn the curtains, lay on my bed, put on some soothing music and close my eyes.

I felt Jackie’s healing within the first few minutes and during the session I felt like I was made of lead and glued to the bed. I felt that it was almost an effort to breath at one point as each breath was shallow and rapid. Then a wave of emotion built up to such an overwhelming extent, that I started to cry. This was the release valve and I hadn’t realised that it had needed to happen.
I then had pins and needles all over my body right down to my toes and to be honest, an hour after the session it was still there but lighter. The huge, tight knot in my stomach disappeared and the panicky feeling I kept getting subsided.
Afterwards it felt like there was a low level ‘hum’ in my body for a few hours afterwards. I can’t thank Jackie enough for this, I am truly grateful to her. Jackie’s healing energy is genuine and  powerful. Highly recommended.

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