I have known Jackie for over 15 years. Jackie is somebody who is always there to talk to and listen, never judging you but always able to give unique insights into the big questions we all face. Sometimes we might meet once a week other times once a year, it depends what we need to cover and its often something small that reminds you that you need to speak to one another. Each time we pick up where we left off as if no time has passed. My most memorable experience was a course of Reiki that Jackie taught me. During a particularly difficult period it gave me unique insights and confidence to sort out problems at work. I remember at the time people being amazed at the sudden change in my ability to handle very difficult issues.  Jackie is an ‘old soul’ and can give you powerful insights and unique perspectives on your situation. You just need to be open to listening to what you are being told. 

She is always generous with her time and her energy. I am lucky our paths have crossed.